Everything you have been told is a lie.
If you seek some sort of understanding, you will have to look at the opposites.


You don’t have to change anything.
The amount you listen to your true heart.
Listen more because without it, you will remain lost.

Listen more

Be true to yourself.
That’s all…
The more you listen to your heart, the more of it you will express.
The mere presence of a true heart changes whole universes.

That’s all

You have nothing to fear, because you are your universe.
The things that frighten you are your invention.
They are not necessary but you choose to entertain them.
You must be crazy.

Nothing to fear

Music, media and movies are chaotic distractions.
They make you forget that peace and silence are true wealth.


Your intuition, your gut feeling, inner knowing, guardian angel, voice of god, instinct, hunch.
Different words with all the same meaning.
Your true heart.
The eternal part of yourself that you forgot about.

Eternal part

The thunder rolls and the rain whips against your windows.
Lightning jars the peaceful darkness.
It demands that you take notice.
Quick there it is, it’s fleeting, enjoy the spectacle.
The thunder is your ego and the lightning the truth of your own heart.
The lightning is the origin, the thunder simply an after effect.


You are a timeless awareness that happened to hook into the story of this world.
Now you believe it so strongly that you can no longer break the hold it has over you.
Or maybe you can.
Perhaps you should give it a try.


Imagine if everything they taught you was a lie. What would you believe then?


Imagine your possibilities if there were no restrictions placed upon you by your narrow mind.
Imagine if you didn’t believe all of the rules and laws taught to you since birth.
You could probably fly.


Life is limited by yourself. Nobody else can cause it. Others may be the hands that bind and restrict you, but your mind believed it was possible in the first place. Then it happened. Change your mind if you need to.


Life is limited to what you believe can happen. Imagine if you changed your mind.


A miracle is something that you don’t believe is possible.
I wonder what would happen if you could rid yourself of some of your beliefs?


What is art?
Art is what you do when you stop trying.
Art is what you do when you love what you do.
Art is the ability to do something well naturally.
Art rhymes with heart, that’s no coincidence.
Art is not life, it is a dance in the rhythm of life.
Art lifts your mind up into you heart.
Art is the result of thousands of hours of non-artwork.
An artist does art because he believes he can.
An artist is an interpreter of life… that makes you an artist.
An artist is a philosopher lost for words.
An artist paints patterns that fool the brain into recognising them.
An artist sees the real world and reinvents it.
Art is a diamond on your wall.
If you love it, it should be in your life.
If a painting sings to you, take it home and love it.
When you buy something you love, you make your life richer.
Money is mere peanuts when it is exchanged for art.


Your dreams cannot become a reality because your mind is too narrow to truly believe in them.
Your imagination has been shut down to the size of a pea, when it used to be as big as the world.
What happened?
Society trained you to forget how big you are.
Now you are too embarrassed to remember, in case they laugh at you.
You are a weirdo, an odd bod, a stranger even to yourself.
Get used to the idea, play with it and live a better life.


Strength does not lie in forcing or pushing.
Your infinite heart is not aggressive or heavy handed.
It is subtle and silent.
It takes advantage of situations rather than upsetting them.
It moulds from what it has, unlike humanity that makes and takes whatever it wants.
Trust your intuition to find a natural way for you, regardless of what your problem is.


Trust your infinite heart.
Sink into it when you are troubled
Your infinite heart is your intuition,the personal easily-accessible, infinite more of you, that you probably forgot about.
It is your key to peace.


Think of a problem.
Drop it into your heart.
Feel the peace.
Stay there for a while.
That’s it!
That’s your truth.
That’s what you’ve been looking for!

Looking for

You will have days of sunshine,
You will have days of sunshine, where happiness floods your heart.
You will witness beautiful acts of kindness and they will lift your heart to the sky.
You will feel genuine love many, many times in your life.
Remember these moments because even though it may rain a little sometimes, there are many, many more sun shining days to come.


Look around and make sure that you are not living a dream that you dreamt.
You may be overlooking your success.
It’s easy to let your mind wander off, seeking some new tasty desire, before you have properly digested and enjoyed what you already have.
You may be standing in a river thirsting for water.


The reason you can’t hear your intuition, is that you will not listen.
You prefer to immerse yourself in the meaningless hubbub of frantic life.
Get into the habit of silence and you will hear a lot more.
There is a silent strength pulsing beneath your confusion.
It’s calling you, even now.
It’s your own intuition.
It is your infinite heart.
You have forgotten what you are.


What’s so good about normal?
Take the odd path.
Make the weird choice.
Select the less obvious way.
Get off the straight and narrow.
Don’t believe what you see and hear.
Make up your own mind.
Face the facts, you are a weirdo.
Now start acting like one and get on with it!
Anyway, what’s so good about being normal?


There are things you feel bad about in your past, that’s normal.
There are things you regret having said, that’s normal.
There are mistakes you made, deliberate and honest, that’s normal.
Everything you do or have done is normal, so why make a big deal about it?
You are as free as your thoughts.
Let loose your old and useless regrets.
Most of your life is no big deal and never will be.

Feeling bad

You are not your car, your house or your job.
You are not how many properties you own or your clothes.
You are not your status or your fame.
You are something else, something so much better.
But you forgot, that’s bad luck, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Bad luck

Trouble is, if you ever did break reality and figured it all out, you’d have to go into hiding so that they didn’t shut you down.
People will do anything to protect their foundational beliefs, no matter how self-destructive they are.
The whole of society is built upon submission.
If you are not willing to play that game, sorry you’ll have to leave.


You are not your car, your house or your job.
You are not how many properties you own or your clothes.
You are not your status or your fame.
You are something else, something so much better.
But you forgot, that’s bad luck, you don’t know what you’re missing.


Your are possessed, by an ego.
Everyone is.
It overrules your true heart and keeps you in the dark.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
It’s your choice.


The constant lure of the new horizon,
The imagining of the fantastic possibilities that could be over the next hill,
These things urge you to always go forward, to investigate more.
The hidden drive to find your way back home never ceases its push.
The hidden drive is the urge to know your own self.
It is the urge to remember.
It is not difficult, but the path is in your heart, not in the hills.


Imagine if everything you were taught was wrong.
You have been taught that black is white and wrong is right.
You are not a body, you are an infinitely free thing.
You will remain trapped for as long as your believe their story.

Black is white

The trumpet sounded and the soldiers surged forward, adrenalin rushing through their veins. They had trained hard for this and their glorious mission was foremost in their minds. They raced into the bullets and the bombs. Most of them died. It wasn’t glorious, they had been lied to.

On to glory

This was their first date. They were both nervous. Say if it was really successful and they ended up being together for the next 50 years. Now that’s a real scary thought when you’re only 17.

First date

He wouldn’t listen, he always thought he knew best. So she left him after all of those years together. He still thinks he knows best, but now there’s no one to know best to. Secretly, he’s lonely and wishes he would have listened a little more but he will never admit it.

Knows best

If you only write one short story, you will probably be pleased and possessive of it. If you write 20, you will be looking forward to writing more. If you write 200, it will only be natural to write, for that’s what you do. No big deal.

200 stories

Your emotions blanket the visions from
your heart.
They are like fingernails down a blackboard.
They are like the screeching of an iron wheel
on a steel track.
They are like high beam on an approaching car.
You cannot concentrate on anything else.
Your emotions blind you to your hearts treasures.
Stop for a moment and calm your mind.
Listen to your heart.


Imagine if everything you were taught was wrong.
You have been taught that black is white and wrong is right.
You are not a body, you are an infinitely free thing.
You will remain trapped for as long as your believe their story.


Imagine if you had the courage to assume everything you have been taught is wrong.
You would really have to start again and re-evaluate your position in the whole of existence.
Makes you wonder what you might discover?
Keep imagining until you’re convinced your world is not true!


Most of your dreams are empty.
Most of the things you desire are hollow.
Most of your problems are non-existent.
Look around for the things you love and love you in return.
Now that’s what you need more of!


Pray to the god of money or the god of power or any god you desire but be warned, their promises are false and their words are hollow.
You have no need to beg for help or to pray for guidance or to seek healing and health.
That is not the way it works.
Those attitudes only make it worse for you.
You alone hold the power for your life in your own heart, ask it.


The dark is not a thing to fear, it is the doorway to your infinite heart, a place of peace and serenity.
It’s back to front to what you’ve been taught.
The darkness of your infinite self is delicious and alluring like a hot chocolate on a cold night.
The blackness is the thing to avoid or ignore, that is very different, that is what rules this world.