Once you remember what you really are, nothing can sway you from your personal truth.
Until then you are a target to anyone who wants to control your mind.
Your personal truth, you are an eternal awareness, replaces all possible alternatives.
You need to make an effort to remember, otherwise you are going to be trapped here for a long, long time.
Ask your heart today!


The body you walk around in must seem vast to the tiny creatures that live within it.
Every part of your body is alive.
You are a living, squirming world on legs.
I wonder if all of those little scriggly life forms in your body call you god and ask you to help them?


The things people achieve on earth are paltry to what humanity is capable of.
Everyone is well below normal.
Mediocrity is mistaken for greatness.
As soon as anyone has a smidgen of talent, they are treated as exceptions and praised until their ego destroys what little heart they had.


Your mind constantly labels everything it experiences.
This gives it a value to you.
What would happen if you stopped labelling and simply accepted instead?
What would the world look like if you just observed it instead of judging it?


Some blind religious leaders threaten that you will go to hell when you die.
They have never opened their eyes to see the hell that’s already around them.
This world is not a pleasant place to spend more than one lifetime.
Death is really a very good idea, pity most are too frightened to enjoy it.


You are not alone in the infinite, you are still surrounded by those that you love.
Even if they are a bit strange.
For this reason you should take great care of those you love on planet earth because they are probably the same strange beings that you hang about infinity with.


There is no center of your infinite self.
There is no point that is ‘it’.
There is no central intelligence wearing long white robes and sporting a silly long beard.
Life is everywhere and intelligence and awareness is everywhere, embedded in that life.
It is not like earth where I am here and you are over there.


What you are experiencing on planet earth is completely unnatural and incredibly debilitating.
When you finally remember who you are, you might be disappointed because it all seems so natural.
Just warning you, in case you were expecting some sort of cosmic street party upon your arrival back home.


In infinity you still have to exist somewhere, you still desire relationships and structure.
You do not have absolute freedom, your consciousness is limited to existence within the first 10 planes.
It is not perfect but it is not a prison like you live in on planet earth.
It is more like an adventure, an intelligent and heart-felt adventure.


When your emotions rule, your fears are in control.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that emotions are normal.
Passion, peace and love are normal, but there are very few normal people on this planet.
Emotions are like giving a monkey the keys to your car because you’re too drunk to drive.


When you shut your eyes, there are things just beyond the reach of your vision.
These things are hinted at, not actually seen.
When you really listen, there are sounds just beyond the reach of your hearing.
These things are hinted at, not actually heard.
You live on the edge of infinitely more than your senses can ever take in, isn’t that exciting?


Stupidity is applauded.
Gossip is highly valued.
Celebrities are worshipped.
Money is placed above love.
And you think everything is okay?


It’s easy to think that your dreams are better than what you already have.
Your mind is a gullible fool, it even believes those dumb ads on TV telling you that it cuts and slices everything.
Don’t be sold a donkey when you already have a happy horse.


If you experience a cosmic moment of lucidity or some other marvellous interstellar experience, it does not matter if it slips out of your consciousness.
You haven’t lost anything important.
Existence is infinite, there are at least a billion more inspirations available for you to experience, missing one won’t wreck your life.


You don’t have to remember life’s lessons.
You don’t have to take notes every time you have an inspiration.
You don’t need a pencil beside your bed to record your dreams.
No, it’s really simple, eat the sweets you are offered today, enjoy them and forget them, there’s more coming tomorrow.


Understanding, truth, insight and remembering are available right now, but you are always too busy to listen to your intuition.


If you found out that your basic beliefs were wrong, would you have the courage to drop them?


When you decide to let go and trust the process of life, you have to be patient.
Life does not immediately get up off the lounge and run outside to fix the world just for you.
No, it just goes on, painfully bringing about changes in it’s own time and not yours.
If it was in your time, of course it wouldn’t be painful then.


You are not really your car, your home, your clothes.
You are something much greater than that… but only if you make the effort to remember.
If you don’t make the effort, then sadly you are not much more than the superficial playthings that you surround yourself with.


Will I ever be rich?
You may as well ask will you ever be someone else?
You are what you are and your environment is a reflection of you.
If you want to change your world, you have to change your thinking.
This is no easy task because there is a natural tendency for you to always be you.


What will the future bring?
More of the same because your future always has you at the center.
Your heart has an essence that is consistent, hence your life is consistently like you.
Tomorrow will bring a few light showers and another variation of you.


What is a problem? Something you don’t understand.
What is life? Something you don’t understand.
Because you ask your head instead of your heart.
That’s really quite funny!


What color is the ocean?
Which part of the ocean?
What is life all about?
Which part of life?
There are no simple answers when the questions are wrong.


It’s easy to overlook what you think is ordinary.
Nothing is ordinary, every moment of your life is the result of an intention, a desire, a fleeting wish, a deep-seated fate, a cosmic destiny, something caused it.
Things happen because of other things and somehow they all tie together.
What you have is a result of where you were.


You forgot and now you are remembering.
That’s all that is important.
Now it is up to you to remain vigilant and for your heart to take you home, a perfect partnership.
You cannot lose.


No matter what terrible experience you are witness to, you cannot shake this faith in goodness, in love, in honesty and integrity.
This is because, no matter how dark the night seems, nothing stops the truth of your infinite self filtering through to remind you of your eternal truth.
You are an infinite something, something so beautiful, but you forgot.


Sometimes things go wrong… or do they?
Maybe things just go and your narrow-minded attitude adds the wrong bit on the end.
You believe that life is bad whenever it fails to meet your expectations.
If you’ve done your best and it doesn’t work out, too bad!
Accept the situation and start again if you have to.


The problem is that you are mentally incapable of seeing the big picture in any situation.
Your brain is limited to experiences, memories, logical thinking and fantasies.
It has no idea how to handle concepts that threaten its basic understandings, no matter how false the basics are.
As a self-defence mechanism, the brain usually takes offence and then runs away from the new idea.


The problem is, the media is lying to you.
You can no longer trust what you see or hear.
Every article broadcasted has been edited.
Every photo and every video has been altered.
So where are you going to find reality? Only in your heart.


Humanity applauds rational thinking but only because it is incapable of cosmic thinking.
That’s what your infinite heart does.
It guides you in relation to the thinking of infinite, intelligent life.
Whereas humanity, guides you in relation to its own selfish ends.
That’s bit like running on a treadmill and imagining that it’s as healthy as running freely through the countryside.


You think in single lines, you call it rational or logical.
This is where your wishes come from, imagined logical solutions to your problems.
Life works in levels, throughout dimensions, on cosmic scales.
It’s probably a good idea to let it guide you.


I am offended by your beliefs, your attitude and your character.
I am offended by circumstances, situations and life in general.
Actually, when I think about it, I am offended by most things.
You can be as offended as often as you like, but life will not change and does not care one little bit.


There is nothing to fear in the unknown.
It is the known that you need to face.
Your own mind hides your fears.
These need to be brought out into the open so that you can see that they are only shadows.
Clear your mind of your fears and you clear your fear of the unknown.


Sometimes when you turn to your heart for an answer, everything is silent.
It’s peaceful and calm but you do not get an answer.
Maybe peace is your answer.
You have to get out of the circus sometimes and sit quietly on your own before you can see clearly.
Peace is the answer!


Love is a bell tinkling on a moonlit night.
Happiness is a flock of parrots in a wheat field.
Passion is the waterfall along the lazy river.
Peace is a baby sleeping in a crowded room.
Honesty is the first ray of sunshine after a storm.


You might write a story, paint a picture, sing a song but you are not being creative.
Your heart, your eternal consciousness is the creator, through you.
You are not much different to the guitar strings or the canvas or the dance floor.
You are the instrument not the creator.
That really takes the pressure off you and makes it a lot more fun.


Your brain will never give you the answers to life.
Your brain is your body’s control panel.
If you want information about life, then you have to knock on the door of your heart.
It’s always home, so don’t hesitate,
It’s not sacred or holy, so don’t be shy.


So you are curious and want to experience some other dimensions?
What do you think you do when you sleep?
In your dreams there are adventures, nightmares, indescribable worlds and all manner of weird stuff going on.
These are all inter-dimensional experiences but your brain is too limited to understand.


If you were wandering around the universe and you came across planet earth, wouldn’t you be tempted to come down here and to experience not only the personal challenges that are thrown at you, but also the sheer beauty of the planet?
Well that’s possibly what happened to you.
And now you don’t even remember that you are an eternal consciousness.


Most of your dreams won’t come true because they are unrealistic.
If you want a dream to pursue, seek it from your heart, your infinite heart.
Then you will be chasing a likely possibility and not a foolish, self-indulgent fantasy.
Life is too short to chase phantoms.
Do what you can do well and put your whole heart into it.